2400 ELO performance!!! #shorts

2400 ELO bullet performance rating!!! #shorts #chess #chessgame #chesscom


  1. Pretty good, Nh6 was missed twice though

  2. Great game, you absolutely destroyed him

  3. missing Nh6+ 2 moves in a row makes me think anyone can be 1700, must be rapid.

  4. You played better than pretty much everyone else would have in this position.

  5. Youre 1600 man you definitely shoulda seen that fork 😂 but all good nice win!

  6. You missed a fork but gg you're still 2400 and I'm just 700 lol can't be talking much

  7. im 1200 and i dont remember the last tome an opponent of mine missed an o vioud good move, snd then i here on youtube i get to watch 1600s two turns in a row miss a fork and the other guy didnt see it either like what even are hess ratings

  8. When he pushed pawn on you knight you couldve forced check and taken queen

  9. so many people with huge egos in the comments section rofl. They're too bitter to give a compliment, not to mention this is bullet, who tf notices every fork in bullet lmao.

  10. Kh6 was a fork for the queen after the pawn moved up.

  11. bro is not 2400 if he missed those forks💀

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