2022 Bullet Chess Grand Finale

TSM GM Hikaru Nakamura vs Cloud 9 GM Andrew Tang in the 2022 Bullet Chess Championships Grand Finale















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  1. Jeez Hikaru is just disgustingly good at speed chess. Some of the ideas he comes up with in fractions of a second would take me half a rapid game to formulate.

  2. Master Hikaru san is a fantastic teacher and an amazing chess player. Am in awe

  3. 11:30 Hikaru come on man have some mercy on the evaluation bar. You make it look like ping pong.

  4. i just came to say the thumbnail is 10/10

  5. Those narration changes make me lose any train of thoughts I can have trying to start to understand what’s happening

  6. Andrew is the nicest, most humble person ever, and an utterly ridiculously good chess player. He always seems just shy of making it to the top… I want to see him get there. Psychology is huge in chess – Andrew has losing tendencies against Hikaru just as Hikaru has losing tendencies against Magnus. When you lose enough to the same person, you start to believe they are just better than you and you can never do anything about it

  7. It was Mutombo who waived the finger saying "no", right after some block.

  8. We've learned that Hikaru Nakamura is Hikaru Nakamura.

  9. In the end at the interview its hiakru nakamura LUL

  10. I'm a 2350 bullet player on Lichess but watching this makes me feel like an absolute n00b.

  11. I like the parts where it was just Hikaru and not the commutators

  12. 15:18 hahahaha “As Michael Jordan would say”. The finger wag is Mutombo

  13. I think that Tang is a better bullet player. He is faster than Hikaru.
    The thing is, Hikaru is a better chess player. His strategy and tactics are better than Tang.
    This feels like a Hikaru vs. Magnus blitz/bullet match.

  14. Incredible that you can play that fast and that well.

  15. lol its funny to see the evaluation bar jump from both extremes after every move in the game around 10 min

  16. Hikaru you are a beast, and also funny ^^ Keep up the good work 🙂

  17. Can someone explain to me why the king cant eat the knight in 9:49?

  18. Hikuru ur my fav chess player and enjoyable personality.

  19. aman is all up penguin, can't handle the truth that naka is bullet king lol

  20. At this speed, the conscious mind is just a passenger to some insane skill.

  21. What about takes takes takes takes takes takes and takes?

  22. Hikaru is the greatest bullet chess player of all time. He's not at his peak in bullet now, like he said he's just getting older…but he's still the best in the world. Magnus is the only guy that can really compete with him. Hikaru has won the most bullet chess titles in history

  23. “Hikaru does exist, we’ve learned that” xD

  24. I tried bullet one night, never tried it again.

  25. Too close for comfort but not too close for content.

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