2021 Bullet Chess Champion | Alireza Firouzja vs Andrew Tang Final Match

Alireza won the 2021 Bullet Chess Championship! Final match was against GM Andrew Tang. The match consists of a 30-minutes countdown clock and if it is tied there would be a Sudden Death!

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  1. Tang never stood a chance, he is not at Alireza's and Hikaru's level, but he might be better than Naroditsky.

  2. Seeing Andrew getting exposed by legit top players just shows how overrated he is.

  3. Firouzja if you are reading this ; I really hope that Kasparov or/& Kramnik somehow get to train you just like Carlsen was trained by Kasparov in complex positions for a while. Without a doubt that would make you an even stronger beast of a player which us fans would love to see 😀

  4. I like the fact he's wearing ChessBrah shirt

  5. Remember magnus played bong cloud against tang and beat him but alireza sometimes beats magnus

  6. Wow. It's no secret that Andrew can be very resourceful while keeping his usual top speed, but most of those games saw some pretty smooth sailing by Alireza. My God, what a beast.

  7. The general public: One does not simply adopt the Penguin in a championship final bullet match.

    Alireza: Hold my beer.

  8. Very well done Alireza, Congratulations!

  9. once alireza gets going hes deadlier than a computer

  10. This is insane, the way they play bullet is mind-blowing.

  11. Magnus…“ Please answer the door, someone is knocking “

  12. Congrats future chess world champion! You deserved this tournament!

  13. Guys Alireza is still 17 years old and beating top gms. Wait 5 years , when he is 22 and Magnus 36,he will surely have the experience to beat Magnus and become World Champion.

  14. My father is Persian and I am from the USA, it brings me great pride to watch you dominate! I am already older than you but you inspire me to improve my chess! Kheily mamnoon Alireza Jon! Keep up the good work!

  15. Good stuff man! You really put him in his place

  16. بندپی ریکا دااااا،،😂😂

  17. That was very fast game very difficult to calculate congratulations to Mr Alireza

  18. Excellent performance.
    Well done Alireza.

    Future works number one

    We are proud

  19. This is awesome! Nice job Champ! And Happy 18th birthday! Excited to see where you go the next few years.

  20. آفرین . بولت رو گذاشتی کنار در سه ماه نتایج درخشان و بازیهای درخشان در نروژ.خیلی کم بولت بازی کن. مغز رو روان میکنه که خیلی خوبه ولی یاد میگیری که سریع بازی کنی که برخی اوقات فرصتها رو از دست میدی و این خیلی بده. الان هم وقت رو خوب مدیریت میکنی هم پوزیسیون رو به آتیش میکشی. نمیدونم مربی گرفتی یا نه ولی حتما بگیر. دو سال دیگه بیشتر وقت نداری برای رکوردشکنی قهرمان جهان. تلاشت رو بکن.

  21. Who was that girl thet the first talk with alireza,?

  22. So strong but lost two of the games due to botez gambits😅

  23. Who else watching this after he reached 2800+?

  24. Chess was createt to thinking, this is not chess

  25. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    what happened in the end? tang won but the video ends?

  26. can someone explain the disappearance of the rook on c3 around 2:19????

  27. سلام داداش گلم خیلی ناراحت شدم که بدشانسی آوردیم که با هیکاراما چینی آمریکا بی بازی اولین بود و این شخص آدم را می‌ریزد به هم و شما هم جوانی و از جوانیت استفاده کن مثل من نباش که میگفتم آدم باید عشق کنه وقتی ۵۵ یا شست ساله شدم دیدم زندگی را باختم وهیچ چی ندارم من که بهترین بودم حالا بازنده هستم

  28. I just already know that firo have a youtube…and then congrat son..champion of Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz….

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