1 TOO MANY Bullet Chess Games!! 😮‍💨🥴 Should I QUIT?? #chess #chessgame #chesscom #chessplayer


  1. Whenever the thought of quitting chess crosses my mind, I take a moment to appreciate the joy I experience while witnessing my own progress and growth in the game, regardless of the minor details I've learned. Engaging in chess provides a remarkable sense of relaxation, and whenever I face defeat, I make sure to remind myself that each loss offers valuable lessons that help me avoid making similar mistakes in the future. Even if I happen to repeat those mistakes, I embrace the idea of pushing myself onward. It is crucial to remember that dedication plays a pivotal role in attaining one's goals ❤

  2. No you should mate keep playing you'll improve ❤

  3. no you shouldn't.
    you shouldn't play these fast games. try to learn from your mistakes.
    also scroll down to fins your history of your games.

  4. No dont quit but you should play some normal game insted of bullet games i did the same thing when I was around 300-500 elo but when I got to like 600 elo I knew that I need to play 10 min game to see what I can do and improve and now I am 950 somethinng elo, trust me

  5. No, please dont. I had a lot of these same thought myself and i had the same problem as you: bullet games. It was too fast and i wasnt improving in any way shape or form. Try 10 minute or even 3 minute games and you will improve significantly more over these, mostly random, bullet game. Keep on pushing!

  6. Good job on the win (keep going you will get better)

  7. Play rapid and do puzzles and watch videos and learn openingd

  8. Haven't watched you before but you should watch some chess videos start with some opening, london system is good for beginners, I got from 400 to 700 in a week by learning some openings

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