1 seconds vs 15 seconds This proves GMs are totally insane

Andrew Tang is playing insane hyper bullet chess. Just watch and have fun!!
He is the best layer in this particular format.

Check out his channel.


  1. Chess games are most entertaining when both sides aren't professionals, or both sides are world champion calibur with no time limit.

  2. At 1:25 cant black just take rookie with queen ? Am i missing something here

  3. i feels dumber and dumber after watching this. hls, the brains they have

  4. Now i get the fact how master anime swordmasters fights

  5. I used to play chess but I have no idea what's going on here

  6. I saw a 16 secs chess match in 1 min 33 secs, fair enough……

  7. my teacher is a chess GM, he was able to beat Hikaru twice [computer version].
    Worst part is, he didn't care what we did, if we used our phones or skipped, so people went on his school computer and destoryed his rating.

    His name is "sandropozo" if you care enough to search it up.

  8. others facing real danya
    Le me getting checkmated by danya bot

  9. Feels like pro RTS gamer but even faster
    Not even Goku has achieved this fastness xD

  10. It's too fast, I can't even follow what is going on

  11. i don't understand this guy… 250 in the world… no comment

  12. me who cant even move a piece in a second

  13. The guy is faster at chess compared when I run only 10 meters

  14. King in The Real World : 💪
    King in Chess : 😭

  15. I watched it in 2x speed, now I am completely crazy and insane

  16. Оцените трек который я релизнул у себя на канале спасибоO)

  17. What the name of this chess game app?

  18. Moment when chess players can complain about ping

  19. I can't even see what moves there making because of how fast there playing

  20. This is more mouse skills and not much chess and the GM norm is hyper inflated. Top 100 or super GM.s of only interest.

  21. It's like he received the same punch he delivered at 1:26

    Yeh boi,you heard that right son.Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  22. from missing mate in 1 to black blundering after bliundering. WHY DO YOU PUT YOURSELVES THRU THIS!

  23. Me when I play a 5 minute game: “oh no my queen. Damn clock”

  24. Bullet Chess in my own words is:
    A competition in which both chess players are to be evaluated, who can smash the clock the fastest.

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