🔴Magnus Carlsen vs Tuan Minh Le | Bullet Chess Championship 2023 | Chess.Com | July 18, 2023

Bullet Chess 1+0
GM MagnusCarlsen vs GM wonderfultime | chess.com | July 18 , 2023

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  1. if thats happen …magnus carlsen is nothing to prove as the greatest player of all time😗

  2. Minh Le was schooling magnus his dangerous. Looking forward to seeing him in future online events.

  3. GM Minh Le should have play I am not a GM years ago when he was still an IM.

  4. Congratulation on Minh Le for his great efforts agaist GM Magnus Carlsen in BCC

  5. @13:05 If only Magnus played Rc3 here instead of Rc2, black would not be able to sacrifice the rook on b7 as he would not have time to protect his own pawn with his king. Interesting end-game study.

  6. Carlsen Vẫn thể hiện đẳng cấp ở thời điểm quyết định !

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