🔴Bullet Chess Championship Finals | Hosts IM Rensch and GM Hess

Bullet Chess Championship Finals | Hosts IM Rensch and GM Hess

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  1. Best 1-0 player. You already know – the American! (Ric flair.gif)

  2. The best player at bullet in the world, online or not, is Magnus Carlsen.

  3. the post-game interviews are the best hahahah

  4. I’ll take Magnus over Hikaru in any time format every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. May be slightly more interesting in 1-0 bullet, but I’ve never seen Magnus lose a 1 v 1 match against anybody otb or online in any time format, so wouldn’t expect anything otherwise.

  5. Bortnik is just an amazing bullet player…maybe the best of the World…but nakamura is just not human.

  6. This format is great. It's a bit sad we didn't get close matches, but I'm really looking forward to it.

  7. when Magnus is at his best, Naka has no chance against him, in any format

  8. Sad that I missed this live. What a thrashing by Hikaru. I’d pick him over Magnus in this format.

  9. Hikaru vs MVL would have been more interesting.

  10. Great content! Enjoyed it all – the commentary, the format and of course, the games themselves.

    Danny is pumping up the rivalry to get Magnus to agree to a match. It will be interesting to see how that goes since Magnus bought into Chess24.

    Aronian is a first class gentleman as always.

  11. they messed up on the first set mvl aronian. mvl had 4 points because he won 3 games and there were 2 draws= 4 points. but draws don't count. he should have had 3. they gave him 4.

  12. I think Naka would come closer to Carlsen in 1 – 0 w/o increment. But I think Carlsen would still be the favorite.

  13. if they played like this for classical chess what do you think their rating would be ?

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