🔴 Magnus Carlsen | Bullet Brawl Arena | September 16, 2023 | chesscom

Bullet Titled Arena on Chess.com | Magnus carlsen September 16 2023

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  1. A última sequência de vitórias do Magnus foi ABSURDAMENTE incrível. Em especial aquele jogo em 1:48:00 foi espetacular.

  2. Damn, Hikaru was so confident he didn't even play the last 12 minutes :O

  3. 22 winning streak for Magnus is just beyond this world!

  4. I like these tournaments, but I dont like, that the first 4 hardly played against each other.
    MC vs HN only 1 time

  5. OTB Magnus would destroy Naka or anyone else in bullet. Fastest hands and mind. The mates he had in the last 22 games were spectacular. Naka has crazy mouse speed like Danya and Bortnyk.

  6. Great videos, thanks! Would be amazing with timestamps for all the games!!!

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