♚ GM Andrew Tang 30 Second Bullet Chess / Cheater Caught/ Lichess.org March 11, 2018

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GM Andrew Tang
March 11, 2018

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  1. It is impossible to cheat in ultrabullet. Lichess is just a shty website

  2. What engine is he using? I thought engines can't be used in bullet

  3. How do you know that he was cheating??? Is there any explanation and also how is it possible to cheat while playin only 30 sec. bullet… Do you think he was cheating just because he was victorious against penguin and made all of his moves accurate? I think before accusing someone as a cheater we need to have a proof and explanation.

  4. Even Carlsen wouldn't play Bd5 that instantly

  5. If you're a half decent chess player you would instantly know that he's cheating
    It's so obvious lol

  6. I think 30 second game not use in any engine and apps

  7. That Bd5 is only plausible,provided that black plays either of his rooks to e8,. and yet white takes less than 0.5 second to play the move.

  8. Online chess proves most people will cheat in life if they can get away with it. Chess cheats prefer cheating to win since winning is more valued by them than integrity and self accomplishment. Extremely sad for them and the people they abuse. Total losers that drain light from the world. And when someone objects to this commentary. you will know he's a chess cheater.

  9. That guy didn't even try to hide it lol

  10. You can't cheat in a 30 second match……

  11. Yeah, the third game was quite computer assisted. On the other hand those guys are monster playing…

  12. Odd. Black had mate at 2.56 but didn't play it. You would think that an engine would play for mate, but I suppose programming it to make mistakes would be less-obvious.

  13. ^literally everyone in anonymous matches

  14. How is it possible to cheat with ultrabullet speed?

  15. 2:51 You can clearly checkmate your opponent with a move Qh1. This guy instead didn't consider this move which means yeah he's clearly a cheater

  16. Cheater can not win at bullet 1 min and ultra bullet

  17. It's funny when he plays his own moves low on time… You can tell he's an awful player.

  18. The cheater must be indians or filipines

  19. i saw i came i conquered and came again says:

    What if he was legit making the moves all by himself without any assistance from engines?
    Didn't you think about that possibility? What, just because he's not a titled player, he does not have the capability of finding such moves in ultrabullet?

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